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We are going to start a whole new series called, “Re: turn.” Usually the pastoral staff and I try to come up with the whole year’s preaching schedule, one semester at a time. We already had a series that we wanted to do in the month of November, but just recently the Lord has placed it in my heart to preach on the topic of repentance.

Every time I am counseling people or even just listening to people’s struggles and problems, I am constantly reminded about the importance of repentance (or lack of repentance). Whenever there is a lack of repentance, we almost inevitably see people living in sin and rebellion. This then causes many other problems for people and hence the downward spiral begins.

Growing up in my spiritual journey, I have always seen repentance as a bad thing. Not only was it hard to “fess up” but I didn’t have a healthy and biblical view of repentance. But the more I study Scripture, the more I am convinced that we cannot live without it.

Repentance always entails “turning away” from something and then “turning towards” something else. This is the reason why the word, “repent” is often times translated as “turn” or “return.”

Since repentance is a daily thing, we want to constantly re-turn to God who is the very One that can comfort and heal us from our sin.

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