Longing for Revival

As all the HMCC churches are getting ready for the !gnite Conference, I have been praying that God would do something special in our time together. It is so exciting to have all our HMCC churches come together in unity to seek God’s heart. I can’t wait. It really will be like a family reunion!

We will once again have the churches in Indonesia and Singapore join us on a live stream broadcast. Students from Hong Kong will also be linking up with us. In the future, we will have many more places and people represented as we continue to “transform lives and transform the world.”

One thing I have been praying about is that God would send a powerful wave of His Spirit at all our gatherings. Throughout the last several weeks, I have felt a tremendous burden to pray for this.

I don’t know exactly what God will do at this year’s !gnite Conference, but all I know is that if we humble ourselves and seek His face, we will experience something great. This made me long for a revival in my heart and the hearts of all our students. What would happen if the Holy Spirit visited us in a powerful way? We will never be the same.

The more I thought about the need for the Holy Spirit at this conference, the more I began to think about the various revivals that God sent throughout history. I ended up watching a lot of videos that inspired me.

Here are some of the most famous revivals throughout history. It is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it is just some that has ignited my heart to pray.

See if you can find the common thread between all these revivals.

[ The Pyongyang Revival of 1907 ]

[ The Welsh Revival of 1904-1905 ]

[ The Azusa Street Revival of 1906 ]

[ The First Great Awakening ]

[ The Second Great Awakening ]

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