Subtle Influence

On the plane ride from DTW to ORD, I was flanked by two women. The one on my left was an older woman probably in her 50’s or 60’s (Lord, forgive me if I am wrong). The one on my right was probably in her early to mid-20’s. They both pulled out magazines to read during the flight. I could not help but glance over and see what they were reading. To my great surprise, they were reading the same “type” of magazine. The gal on my right was reading “Allure,” and the woman on my left was reading either “Harper’s BAZAAR,” “Cosmopolitan” or “Redbook”… man, I don’t know; it was just one of those magazines.

It was interesting to see how engrossed they were in the magazines. One of the women was intently reading an article about something, while the other one was flipping through the pages to just look at the pictures of new fashion and things. By now, some of you are probably wondering – “How does he know all these things? Why is he intruding and peeking over to see what they are reading?” My response – “my peripheral vision is really good.” 😉

Anyway, I was just giving it some thought. I realized how much of the secular world’s influence bombards people every single day. They tell you how to dress, how to look, how to behave, etc. We are in a culture battle. How do we, as Christians, be in the world but not of it? Trying to find that right balance is always hard. Either we are just like the world or we are so irrelevant that we lose our witness.

Sigh. So I just went back to reading my magazine – the Sky Mall… and getting influenced by gadgets that I will never use.

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