Karissa’s 3rd B-Day

Yesterday we celebrated KiKi’s b-day. A rule we have in our family is that the birthday person can choose whatever restaurant they want to go to on their b-day. She chose Macaroni Grill. After dinner, we opened up her presents. It is amazing how a 3 year old mind works. She knows that this is her day. She knows that everything revolves around her, at least on this day. But the part that made Christina and I laugh was how KiKi associated everyone that walked into our house yesterday as someone that was going to bring her a gift.

As we were getting ready to go to bible study, our baby sitter came to the door and she was greeted by KiKi with this question – “what did you get me?” Haha! Too funny. I am wondering if this is how we are when it comes to God’s blessings. When we get “used to” receiving things from God, it is easy to start expecting things to come right away. Then when we don’t get our way, we get impatient and even angry at God.

Lord, maybe we have become too spiritually “spoiled.” Sometimes you don’t give us things so quickly because you want to teach us how to persevere and trust in You. Maybe what we need to remind ourselves every single day with is – “Lord, it is not about me but all about You!”

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