The Crazy Ones

It was a pretty overwhelming day. When challenges or difficult situations happen all at once, then it is easy to lose perspective and even start to lose hope. During these times, it is helpful to remind myself of my calling and the vision that God has placed before me.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am just crazy (Christina thinks I am). Why do I do what I do? Why can’t I just choose the easier way? Why do I constantly find myself in situations that are beyond me?

It is in these moments that I try to remember that history is made by people who are not “typical.” They do things differently. They receive criticism and scorn. They have experienced failures. They don’t like the status quo. They are constantly pushing the envelope. Ultimately, they cannot be ignored.

There were many “crazy ones” through history and there are many “crazy ones” now. Christ’s disciples in the Bible were the “crazy ones;” and now, the 21st century followers of Christ are continuing in the legacy of making history for the glory of God.

I always get inspired by this video (and no, I am not endorsing Apple… ha!)

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