Renewing Our Hearts for Prayer

We had a great time in finishing off our last ACCESS gathering for this semester in Chicago. I reviewed everything we covered this semester in our series, “Training for Transformation.” It just reminded me once again the need for doing ministry with a clear vision and purpose.

Once in awhile in our church, after some of our smaller gatherings, we encourage one another with a holy hug – we hug not just the person on the right and left but the whole group! On Friday night, we came up with a name for this activity… we coined it as the “Hugging Train!” You just have to experience it.

This morning we had our church prayer gathering. It was a great time of corporate prayer. I talked about the importance of prayer and how it causes us to experience: 1) Intimacy, 2) Impartation, and 3) Intercession.

I am encouraged to see our group valuing some of the basics of the spiritual disciplines. As we were praying for various topics, we sense God moving amongst us. He always meets us right where we are… for that, we are thankful.

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