Enjoying the Drive

The more we realize that we are not in control, the more we learn how to trust in God.

Due to the snowstorm throughout the Midwest in last couple of days, many flights today were canceled. I tried to get another flight with other airlines but got the same results – they were all canceled.

Therefore, I decided to drive out to Chicago (no choice). As I was driving, I was wondering why sometimes God puts us through delays and detours.

This time around, I recognized the hand of God a bit faster. It was an incredible drive – not only was it a bit dangerous driving through snow and sleet, but there were pockets of astonishing scenery. It reminded me of some of Ansel Adams photographs.

I couldn’t help but to be in awe of God even in the midst of frustrated plans. The drive to Chicago was a great time of prayer and being in God’s presence. God meets us in every circumstance.

Ansel Adams3.jpg   Ansel Adams2.jpg

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