The Start of the 40-Days to Destiny

Our journey has started today. This is the e-mail that I sent to our church members couple of days ago.

Dear Church Family,

I just wanted to remind all of you that tomorrow will be the start of the 40-Days to Destiny. It is my sincere prayer that everyone in our church will participate. This will be a journey of faith. We are expecting God to do some awesome things in the next 40 days (March 3rd through April 11th).

Here are some things to keep in mind as we start tomorrow:

1) MORNING PRAYER – For the next 40 days we will have our morning prayer at University Reformed Church (URC) at 6:30AM instead of Campus Chapel. Please make a note of this.

2) EVENING PRAYER – For those of you who are students or night people, we will provide FCC’s Douglas Chapel Monday through Thursday from 10PM-11PM.

3) PRAYER CALENDAR – We want to keep a prayer chain going throughout the 40 days. It will be encouraging if you signed up and filled up some of the vacant days with your small groups, LCGs, classmates, etc. You can check up on the calendar here: If you are interested in signing up, please contact your small group leader.

4) BIBLE READING – We will also be on a 40-day bible reading journey. If you have not received the bookmark with all the passages, then you can download it here at: I hope that we will discover a greater intimacy with the Lord as we saturate ourselves with His Word.

5) DESTINY BLOG – We will also keep up a blog with some thoughts and insights not only on the passages for the day but also some things that God is revealing to us as a church. You can check out the blog at:

Lastly, if you have not listened to my sermon “Moving Toward Our Destiny” please do so because I laid out the bigger vision of what God wants to do and where He want us to be. You can watch the sermon here:

It is going to be a great adventure. The best part of all this is that we will be doing this together as a whole church. It is always more fun and the splash is always bigger when there are more people jumping in to experience God’s blessings.

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