Boston Logan Airport

I am waiting for my flight here at Logan Airport to go back to Ann Arbor. As I am looking at people walking by (a weird habit of mine), my mind was going back to the fateful September 11th morning in 2001. It was right here at this airport where the terrorist entered and hijacked United Airlines Flight #175 and American Airlines Flight #11.

Even thought it has been about 6.5 years since the incident, it is chilling to think that it happened at this airport.

How quickly our memory fades about this incident? The sad fact is that the longer time passes the more distant people feel from the tragedy. To illustrate my point, just think about December 7, 1941.

But the families and friends of those who perished will never forget that day of September 11th.

This is why we have to learn how to retell stories and also to have things, such as a memorial to trigger our memories so that we will never forget and the future generations will never forget.

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