The July 4th 2008 Holiday

Today we ate at one of our favorite places for the breakfast – The Original Pancake House. Their Dutch Baby pancake is Christina’s and Karissa’s favorite. The boys and I love the corn beef hash. The men in the Kim household are very serious and particular about our corn beef hashes.

Afterwards, the boys and I played some baseball. We ended up losing one of our baseballs in the bushes. But as we were looking for the ball (which we did not find), we found 5 other baseballs. As we were coming home, the boys mentioned how it was good that we lost our ball because we ended up finding 5 others instead. I was so encouraged to see that the boys learned a life lesson about perspective and having positive attitudes.

Then for dinner we headed out to Pastor Andrew and Nickey’s place. It was good spending time with them in a non-ministry setting and just building our relationship. We ended the day by waiting for the sun to go down and the night to fall. By 9:30PM it was dark enough for us to light the sparklers. We lit 6 boxes full of sparklers!