High School Musical 3

Tonight the family and I went to see High School Musical 3. One of the LIFE groups was gracious enough to pay for the movie tickets. I think Karissa was more excited about this than the boys.

Overall it was a decent movie with some good themes – learning to make choices, commitment and friendships are just a few of the themes.

It was interesting because as I was watching the movie, I couldn’t help but to reminisce of my high school days. I guess I had a pretty fun and memorable high school experience. When I saw the cafeteria scene, the sports scene and the hallway scene, it all brought back good memories. Afterwards, I was telling Christina what I was feeling and she said (only in a way that Christina can say it), “Oh my God, it’s time to grow up!” Haha!

Then, we went out for some Pho. It is great being able to hang out with the family on a rare Friday night… it was truly a treat for us.

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