The Greatest Game Ever Played

Christina and I spent our date night watching, “The Greatest Game Ever Played” on DVD.

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The movie is based on a true story of the 1913 U.S. Open, where Francis Ouimet, an amateur golf player played against the best player of that time. WARNING: If you don’t like people who spoil movies, please read no further.

There is something about movies based on true stories that cause Christina and me to always watch them. This was a good underdog movie, where the 20-year-old defeated his idol, Harry Vardon, a U.S. Open winner and six-time British Open champion. But more than the victory, it was the relationship with his parents that brought mist to my eyes.

He was an immigrant child from a working-class family. His father did not want him to play golf because he wanted to protect his son from the pain and hurt he would experience if he did not “make it.” The golf world at that time was a world where it was believed only the wealthy and privileged could play and win. Francis’ father did not believe that his son could break that barrier. But his mother was the encourager and fueled his dream and passion for golf (why is it always the moms).

The most powerful part was when the crowd surrounded Ouimet after the victory and started to give him money (since he was an amateur, he did not receive any endorsements)… his father was there handing him some money (his way of saying, “I was wrong son, I am so proud of you”). It was one of those tear jerker moments.

Lessons learned:
1) We can overcome our background and past to do something great.
2) Determination and hard work helps us achieve our goals and dream.
3) We must never let our dream die – no matter what!
4) We all need someone to believe in us.
5) If we constantly listen to our dissenters, we will never achieve anything.
6) Everyone craves for the father’s approval.
7) Some of the greatest things come from unlikely places

If we ever do another sermon series on movies, this will definitely have to be one of the top 10 choices.

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