Consistency Please!

Michael Venyah and his wife, Tamika have a ministry called, Soulwinners Ministry International. They have been on the University of Michigan campus for the last two days preaching on the Diag (the center of the campus). It has been really interesting to read some of the accounts in the Michigan Daily’s article and to see some of the reactions of the students on campus.

Even though I don’t completely agree with some of the methods of these street preachers, I will have to say that they have some courage to come to a liberal campus like this and preach repentance. I am wondering if there is another way to share the Gospel that will entice people to Christ rather than building up more walls and negative stereotypes of Christians.

With all the methodologies aside, I just have one question:

Why is it that the people who are the staunch supporters of “free speech” the ones who are constantly trying to muzzle people who speak on topics that they do not agree with?

You cannot have it both ways. If you support free speech then you need to allow people with different views to express them. This is the double standard that I see on both sides. If people don’t agree with them, then you are a bigot, narrow-minded, racist, ignorant, intolerant, and etc!

We need consistency and not respond with just emotions.

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