Temporary Soccer Coach?

I don’t know how it happened, but in the midst of the impromptu parent/coach meeting, I just found myself volunteering. Recently, due to the earlier sundown, Josiah’s soccer program changed the start of the soccer practices. But the problem is that his coach cannot come until 30-40 minutes later. So, there were two options given to the parents: 1) Start later but then end a little later or 2) Have an extra practice day. Option #1 would defeat the purpose of changing the time due to the sun going down earlier, so that was a no brainer. Option #2 was definitely not good for the busy Kim family.

This is when I found myself thinking out loud and said, “Well, I played high school soccer and I know the fundamentals of the game. I don’t mind practicing with the boys until the coach gets here.” It was just one of those moments when you think to yourself – what did I just get myself into? I didn’t consult my schedule, my wife, my other responsibilities… I just knew that the boys wanted to play and there was no one there to step up to the plate.

So now, I will have to add “soccer coach” to the other hats that I have to wear. But for some reason, I have a feeling that this hat will be fun to wear. Even though Josiah is my son, I will not let him off that easy on the practice field 🙂

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