An Addition to the Jun Family

On Saturday early morning, Emanuel Jun was born. He came out healthy and the parents are doing well. Now, Andrew and Nickey are parents. Christina and I were talking how we remembered Nickey as a first year student at U of M, but now she is a mother.

It is such a great joy to see people in our church being raised up and going through the various stages of life.

It is exciting to see our church go through growth in the various lifestages. We are seeing more families coming out to our church, which has been a blessing. More babies are being born and children are filling up our Children’s Church. The single adults are slowly getting married. In the near future, we probably have to start up a senior citizen’s ministry (hopefully, I don’t have to lead that).

Congratulations Andrew and Nickey!
Emanuel Jun.jpg
The happy and proud parents of Emanuel Jun

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