Jakarta Update 10.27.08

Today was a full day. Due to the limited time here in Jakarta, there have been back-to-back meetings with various people. I met up with Pastor Dave Kenney, from International English Service and talked about obtaining a religious visa so that our family can get into Indonesia. He’s a great guy. Over the years, I […]

Singapore Update 10.26.08

This morning we went to two church services. One was an Indonesian church that attracted a lot of the Indonesian speaking people in Singapore. They also have a translated English service where the congregation is a little bit more diverse. Then we headed out to a service where one of our alumni attends. After visiting […]

Singapore Update 10.25.08

I finally arrived in Singapore around 2:10AM! I was encouraged to see Jackson and Stephen waiting up for me to give me a ride to my hotel even though it was late. After a few hours of sleep, I met up with Jackson in the morning and spent some time catching up. We talked about […]

Layover in Japan 10.24.08

You know that you have to stop traveling when: 1) You have to start dating the entries because there is only so many ways to say that you are at a layover 2) You start recognizing and feeling a sense of comfort at particular airports 3) You have memorized all the free hotspots for Wi-Fi […]

Heading Out to Jakarta and Singapore

I am at the airport getting ready to board for my trip out to Jakarta and Singapore. I am looking forward to spending some time with our alumni in Singapore. It has been encouraging to know that some of them have been meeting together monthly. I am hoping that God will strengthen them and encourage […]

Back to Chicago for a Wedding

I am headed out to Chicago today for a couple’s wedding who attend HMCC of Chicago. It is right in the middle of our Undergraduate Retreat therefore I will have to drive back and forth. But it is going to be exciting to see our first wedding from the church in Chicago. The vision of […]

Chicago Trip 10.13.08

It’s been great hanging out with the guys at HMCC of Chicago. Now, we are finally united in the theme for this 2008-2009 year of “Radical Love… Radical Lives.” We are praying that as we experience God’s radical love that we will be able to express our love by radically living our lives for Christ. […]

Chicago Trip 10.11.08

The family and I drove out to Josiah’s soccer game that was at Clarkston, MI (1 hour or so away from Ann Arbor). After the game, they dropped me off at the airport and now I am waiting for my flight to Chicago. I am going to share the 2008-2009 theme at HMCC of Chicago, […]

Multi-Site Conference in Chicago

DJ Chuang, from Leadership Network was gracious enough to invite me to the Multi-Site Exposed Conference, which was being hosted by New Life Church in Chicago. Since I was already in Chicago for the UIC inaugural celebration, I decided to check it out. They had a great line of speakers such as Mark Jobe and […]

In Austin for Inaugural Celebration

I am excited about this morning. I am in Austin right now and getting ready to head out to HMCC of Austin’s inaugural Sunday Celebration. The first of everything is very important and I wanted to be here to encourage the team and experience God’s blessings with them. Whenever a new church is birthed, there […]

Tyler’s 2 Years Old Gathering

On Sunday, the family and I meant up with Christina’s side of the family to celebrate Tyler’s birthday. He is 2 years old and our kids love their cousin. It is incredible to see how a kid grows up so quickly. I was reminded of the time when our kids were at Tyler’s age. He […]

Sunday at HMCC of Chicago 08.17.08

It was great worshipping with the HMCC family in Chicago. Usually when I am there, I am preaching. But this past Sunday I was able to just worship the Lord by giving the announcements and hearing Pastor Jimmy preach. Some people in our church like to call my announcement giving as “sermon-noucements” but I like […]

Atlanta Update 2

Yesterday, we had to change our plans. The Georgian schools started this week (early huh?) and Six Flags changed their hours of operation to only the weekends. One thing I have learned over the years is that you have to be “flexible” in everything. If not, then life will become difficult – not only for […]

Atlanta Update 1

The family and I arrived in Atlanta yesterday. We were greeted by Pastor Matt and ended up having lunch together. Then, the family and I went to the World of Coke. It was great learning about the history of Coca-Cola. The best part was being able to taste close to 64 different flavors of Coke […]

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