Alumni Around the World

Today in the morning, Stephen, Moses and I headed towards the Singapore National Library. It is an awesome 16-story library complex which reflects the beauty of Singaporean architecture. We also had the opportunity to just walk around in the common area where young people were gathered today playing various sports. It was fun randomly talking […]

A Stop Over in Singapore

After 20+ hours of travel, we finally arrived in Singapore and met up with Stephen Suyro, who is another former member of HMCC. It has been fascinating connecting the dots on this trip. Both Dave and Stephen came to know the Lord through their time in HMCC. There is something powerful about having people discover […]

Hong Kong Stop

I am always amazed how God orchestrates things for His glory and our good. As I have mentioned earlier, I had no idea that there was a stopover in Hong Kong when we originally purchased the plane tickets. Therefore, we had no time to plan for our time in Hong Kong, even though it was […]

In Transit to Indonesia

We are at a long layover here at Chicago in ORD (O’Hare Airport). I was tempted to step out and grab some good Chicago food (i.e. hotdogs, gyros, or deep dish pizza) while we are waiting, but we decided to just stay here and work on things and just talk. We just found out that […]

Quick Trip to Indonesia

I am about to head out to the airport soon. I will be heading out to Jakarta via Singapore for a really quick 7 day trip. The first stop will be in Singapore to meet up with some of the HMCC alumni there. Then I will be heading into Jakarta to lay down some ground […]

Happenings in Chicago

I arrived in Chicago on Saturday; and Pastor Jimmy and I went to the bowling alley because they were having a fundraiser for their missions trip. It was fun hanging out with the Chicago church members in a different setting. I ended up bowling a game. It was a rough for the first three frames […]

Youth Revival Meeting Update

It has been awesome getting back to the high school and junior high scene – lots of energy and excitement. It was great working with Jericho Falls Ministry again and having them lead worship. They know how to get the house rocking. When we drove in to the church, there was a line that went […]

Youth Revival Meeting

        Later on today I will be heading out to New Jersey for a youth revival meeting. Sometimes I wonder if I can still minister to high school and junior high students, let alone college students. I am realizing that speakers all go through phases. As we get older, we have a […]

Ministry in Chicago 02.23.08

I am heading out to Chicago right now. It is going to be a full weekend of ministry. I will have the opportunity to impart the DNA of our church, as well as meeting up with people to encourage them to live for God’s Kingdom. I will also be doing our first pre-marital counseling in […]

NYC Lifestyle

As the Remnant Church is in construction for their new church facility, Pastor Victor rented out a studio on 110 St. and Broadway. It is hard to believe that some of these studios go for about $2000/mo! With that kind of rent in Michigan, a person can get a big house. Oh the cost of […]

Prayer Summit 2008 Update 2

This morning I took some time to reflect as I looked out from the conference center into the beautiful lake. I keep on forgetting how much I enjoy quiet moments in nature. It is really inspiring for me. It helps me get connected to God as I thinking about God’s Greatness through all of His […]

Prayer Summit 2008

Pastor Andrew and I are at the P.A.C.T (Pastors’ Alliance for County Transformation) Prayer Summit. This is an annual prayer summit where the pastors in Washtenaw County gather together to pray and seek the Lord. Due to my doctoral studies, I haven’t been able to attend the last couple of prayer summits; therefore it has […]

Chicago Trip Update 01.28.08

Since I am not going to Chicago every weekend, my traveling woes are less frequent. But for some reason I cannot avoid some of these delays. Maybe God is trying to teach me patience 🙂 After landing in Chicago on Saturday night, I had a strange craving for Chicago deep dish pizza. So, Pastor Jimmy […]

2007 Youth Retreat Update 2

Last night I talked about laying down some of the hindrances in our lives so that we can be “all in.” It was a powerful time of the Holy Spirit ministering to the deep parts of our lives. Areas of addictions, shame and bitterness were confronted. It is amazing how Satan uses these things to […]

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