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Wise Living Series

        We have started our new 6 part series called, “Wise Living.” It is amazing that there are incredible examples in the Bible of people who have lived foolishly and people who have lived wisely in the ways of the Lord. Depending how a person chose, their destinies were cemented. We are […]

HMCC Work Day

It was great to see all the people who came out to help for the church work day. Even though people were concerned about the rain, I realized that in retrospect that it was good a thing. Especially, for the people who were working on the lawn. The rain helped the soil to soften a […]

Charlotte Gathering Update 2

We spent yesterday talking about the “Kingdom of God” theology and how it affects the way we engage the world. It was a pretty heavy theological discussion. We went through the whole evangelical movement in America and looked at some of the pros and cons. It is interested to note how many things we take […]

Charlotte Gathering Update 1

We arrived to a beautiful Bed & Breakfast home on Monday. It is definitely away from the busy city life and in more of a rural area with a river in the back yard. Already we had two intense sessions, where we talked about several of Dallas Willard’s books. It is always a lively conversation […]

Charlotte Gathering

I am at the airport getting ready to board my plane to Charlotte, NC. Over the years I have learned to appreciate my times with fellow pastors and friends who are in the ministry. It is good to constantly challenge one another and also to learn from one another. Every two years, some of my […]

Lifestyle Changes Sermon

        I think if there is something that we all want in our lives, it is “change.” But change in habits, attitudes, and our lifestyles do not come easily. This is why we usually start off well, but then we rarely find ourselves sticking to the commitments that we have made. Often, […]

The July 4th 2008 Holiday

Today we ate at one of our favorite places for the breakfast – The Original Pancake House. Their Dutch Baby pancake is Christina’s and Karissa’s favorite. The boys and I love the corn beef hash. The men in the Kim household are very serious and particular about our corn beef hashes. Afterwards, the boys and […]

The Crazy Ones

It was a pretty overwhelming day. When challenges or difficult situations happen all at once, then it is easy to lose perspective and even start to lose hope. During these times, it is helpful to remind myself of my calling and the vision that God has placed before me. Sometimes, I wonder if I am […]

$2.1 Million to Eat with Someone?

I was reading an article the other day that caught my attention, not only because it dealt with Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world but that there was someone who was willing to pay $2.1 million dollars to just have lunch with him. Is this crazy or what?! Zhao Danyang, a Chinese investment […]

Courage to Get Involved

I don’t know if you have heard the string of news reports about people doing nothing in a time when immediate action was required. One situation involved a 78 year old man who was hit by a car and as he was lying there, no one did anything. Another incident happened recently where a woman […]

Chilling with Family 08.06.30

It is always a joy to come back from a conference or my travels to just hang out with the family. I received a warm welcome by KiKi. She said, “Welcome back daddy to the Kim family… please come on in!” These are the precious years. We ended up grilling some hamburgers and bratwursts today. […]

Illustration from the Sports World

Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from an alumnus. This person was sharing about an insight they received about the church from the sports world. I have always said that some of the best illustrations for biblical principles and even comparisons are found in sports. After reading the e-mail I was so blessed […]

Die-Hard and Faithful Cubs Fan

It dawned upon me recently as I was talking with my family that I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for 31 years. It is hard to believe! I still have a picture of myself when I was in grade school with a Chicago Cubs hat, shirt and jacket. It is hard to describe a […]

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 2

We finished off the conference with Dr. Steve Lee finishing off on Esther 4, with the famous phrase of, “If I perish, I perish.” Dr. Steve has been developing the theme about the Sovereignty of God in the last two days of this conference. During yesterday’s morning session, we prayed for all the missions teams […]

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