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Elliot’s 8th B-Day Party

Even though Elliot’s birthday was on May 7th, we were able to celebrate together with the boys from his school as well as some of the boys from church this past Saturday. Elliot chose to have his party at a laser tag place. It was great seeing all the kids having fun. Karissa and I […]

Focus Retreat 2008

        I am pumped for our annual single adult retreat. The Focus ministry will be going through some transitions and changes due to Pastor Ben heading down to Austin. But we have a lot of quality people lined up to take over the mantle of leadership. This retreat in that sense will […]

Arts and Music Show

The whole family was able to go to the boys’ Arts and Music program at their school. It is good that they are trying to develop an appreciation for the arts in their school. When children have early exposure then they are able to engage in it more as they get older. We walked around […]

May 08 Dallas Trip Update 2

Yesterday, I came back from Dallas. It is good to be back home. Usually after these kinds of conferences, I come back with mixed feelings. On one hand, I am a bit overwhelmed realizing some of the great things God is doing through some of these pastors and churches. It reminds me that God is […]

May 08 Dallas Trip Update 1

Last night we had our first session of this conference. Robert Barriger from Peru shared about branding and the importance of value. He used the famous Blue Ocean Strategy to help describe what is going to take to do ministry with a whole new paradigm. It was challenging. This morning we started off with a […]

Trip Out to Dallas

I am out in Dallas for a few days reconnecting with some pastors at a networking conference. Over the years I have developed a relationship with some like-minded pastors who are making a difference in their sphere of influence. There seems to be a greater longing in the hearts of ministry leaders to connect with […]

Mother’s Day 2008

With the busyness of hosting people, the kids and I were able to celebrate Mother’s Day with Christina. We just slipped away in our room to have Christina open up her present. It was cool seeing the kids write a personal card for their mother throughout this week. We are all thankful for Christina. It […]

Dr. Steve and Family’s Visit Update

It was a great having Dr. Steve and his family over in Ann Arbor. Our family enjoyed our time with Steve’s family. Christina and I had an opportunity to reconnect with Steve and Betty. It was great seeing the kids connect together as well. As they are getting older on both sides, they are slowly […]

Dr. Steve and Family’s Visit

        I am excited about Dr. Steve and his family coming to Ann Arbor this weekend. It is hard to believe that we have known each other since 8th grade. Over the years we have strengthened our relationship through various key moments in life. We not only served in the same praise […]

Elliot’s 8th B-Day

We, as a family celebrated Elliot’s birthday yesterday. We continued in our tradition of allowing the birthday person to pick the restaurant that they wanted to go to in order to celebrate their special day. Guess what Elliot picked? Famous Dave’s ribs! I guess my kids have already acquired the taste for “healthy” foods 🙂 […]

A Vision of the Lost

        The above oil painting was commissioned in 1993 by Last Days Ministries, which was founded by Keith Green. It was a depiction of a vision that William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army had one day. Vision is a powerful thing. The Bible says that, “where there is no vision, […]

Following Our Calling

Today I was reading something about leadership and I came across this thought by Kirsten Strand. In her article, “Following A Tough Call” she writes: “I have learned that ignoring a calling can lead to depression, anger, frustration, and a deep dissatisfaction with life. And I have learned that following a calling can also lead […]

Business and the Church

It is exciting to be in the discussion of how business and church (viewed mostly as trying to mix oil and water) can co-exist to benefit various communities. This is something we at HMCC have believed in for some years now. I have told many people that if there is a business principle that works […]

Reconnecting with an Old Friendship

Even though this past weekend was busy with so much going on, we had July Acosta, an old family friend from Mexico visit us for a day. As we were talking, we realized that our families have known each other for almost 11 years. I was reminiscing about the joys that we shared together throughout […]

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