Die-Hard and Faithful Cubs Fan

It dawned upon me recently as I was talking with my family that I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for 31 years. It is hard to believe! I still have a picture of myself when I was in grade school with a Chicago Cubs hat, shirt and jacket.

It is hard to describe a die-hard Cubs fan. They are a bit crazy. They know what disappointment feels like… they know the pain of dashed hopes… they know the name of Steve Bartman (on a side note: it was NOT his fault).

Now that we live in Michigan, it is hard to convince my kids that they should be a Cubs fan. The Detroit Tigers are constantly beckoning to them and it doesn’t help when we have some hardcore Tigers fan in our church. But I am doing everything within my powers to show them “the way.”

I am hoping that this will be the year!
Wrigley Field 2008.JPG
The discipleship to the Cubbie’s way starts here at Wrigley Field

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