Chilling with Family 08.06.30

It is always a joy to come back from a conference or my travels to just hang out with the family. I received a warm welcome by KiKi. She said, “Welcome back daddy to the Kim family… please come on in!” These are the precious years. We ended up grilling some hamburgers and bratwursts today. […]

Illustration from the Sports World

Not too long ago, I received an e-mail from an alumnus. This person was sharing about an insight they received about the church from the sports world. I have always said that some of the best illustrations for biblical principles and even comparisons are found in sports. After reading the e-mail I was so blessed […]

Die-Hard and Faithful Cubs Fan

It dawned upon me recently as I was talking with my family that I have been a Chicago Cubs fan for 31 years. It is hard to believe! I still have a picture of myself when I was in grade school with a Chicago Cubs hat, shirt and jacket. It is hard to describe a […]

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 2

We finished off the conference with Dr. Steve Lee finishing off on Esther 4, with the famous phrase of, “If I perish, I perish.” Dr. Steve has been developing the theme about the Sovereignty of God in the last two days of this conference. During yesterday’s morning session, we prayed for all the missions teams […]

AMI Revolution 2008 Update 1

So far the conference has been going well. It has been good worshipping together with people who have the same spirit when it comes to praise. I spoke the first night on God’s glory is God’s mission. This morning we hear from Pastor Ulysses from Remnant Presbyterian Church on learning how to stand with your […]

AMI Revolution 2008

I am out in Philadelphia now for the AMI Revolution Conference for college students. A lot of the AMI pastors came out early to pray together and to prepare for this conference. This is our 4th year doing this conference and we have seen God work in great way in the past. Now, we are […]

Brickworld Exhibit

We are spending a few days in Chicago before we head back to Ann Arbor. We found out about an exhibit that Brickworld was sponsoring. I believe it is one of the largest Lego exhibition in the States. Therefore, on Saturday we decided to check it out. They had some incredible Lego creations. They were […]

Pictures from Our 2008 Vacation

Here are a few pictures from our mini-vacation with our family and some other close pastors’ family. It was a great time of reconnecting and seeing all the kids play together. We are still waiting for all the pictures that Dr. Steve took. I think he took close to about 4,000 pictures… he was a […]

Back From the Break

Our family and five other pastors’ family got back yesterday from spending a few days together in Wisconsin. It was great to hang out with friends that I have known since college; and for some of them, I have known since high school. We were like one big happy family! It is a great joy […]

Blogosphere Check-Out 06.16.08

I am spending some time with my family and some of my close friends and their families for several days. Then I will be heading out to Chicago for a little bit to spend time with our extended families. I have made a promise to Christina that I will not be working on my blog […]

Birthday and Father’s Day

Today was an extra bonus day. The family and I celebrated not only my birthday but also Father’s Day. I am truly an undeserving man – not only has the Lord blessed me with life but with an awesome family who love me and care for me. My kids each ended up making and writing […]

Jon and Rebecca’s Wedding

It was great to have the privilege of doing Jon and Rebecca’s wedding yesterday. This is probably our first inter-racial marriage (outside of the pan-Asian ethnicity) in our church. It was awesome to see how they were able to go “transcultural” and unite together because of Christ. It was also great to see all the […]

Renovation Sermon Series

        The topic of change and transformation has been coming up a lot in my meetings with people. I have also been personally reflecting a lot on this topic as well. I think all of us in our honest moments would confess that we are not where we want to be. There […]

Boys’ Hang Time

Yesterday, the boys and I hung out together, while Christina and Karissa went out. I like it when it is just the boys day/night out. For some reason, we feel like we have a license to eat more unhealthy and do more crazy stuff as just the guys… I don’t know what it is 🙂 […]

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