Jesus and His Wife?

As many of you know, I was not brought up in the church; therefore when I would hear about some of the crazy stories about elders and deacons fighting with each other with knives on the church lawn, it was unfathomable and made me more cynical about the Church. When I heard about people criticizing […]

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

Type A personalities always see sleep as a necessary evil. With so much to do, the thought of sleeping part of their day away does not seem like a good use of time. But we all know that sleep does play a part in our mood and our effectiveness throughout the day. But how much […]

Church Pirates

When I came across this video, it was refreshing to hear a well respected church leader share his thoughts so frankly. I think in the church we have also become so PC (politically correct) that we are afraid of offending anybody. But the reality is that truth sometimes is hard to hear and even harder […]

Training New Leaders?

Not too long ago, someone forwarded me a video interview with Bill Taylor, who did some research on the internet shoe company, I was pretty fascinated by this interview because of the title. Now you have to admit that a video titled, “Why Zappos Pays New Employees to Quit?” should draw anyone’s attention. They […]

Dreaming Big

I was just reminded today of the importance of dreams and how sometimes it is not always well received in the beginning. A part of the reason is that dreams are sometimes impractical and even risky. But we always need the “dreamers” in the Church because they help us to do things that we might […]

Stay-at-Home Mom Makes Thousands

I learned very quickly in my marriage never to ask the question, “So what did you do ALL day?” Inherent in that statement, I was somehow communicating to Christina, who is a domestic engineer (translation = stay-at-home mom), that she does nothing. I still remember the first time I watched all the kids for a […]

Elliot’s Tee-Ball Season

Elliot started up his tee-ball season again. His class decided to form a team and play together. I realized that at this age, the people that you play with is more important and anything else. I took Josiah and Karissa with me to watch his game. Afterwards, we celebrated together with some ice cream. Nothing […]

Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

One of the hardest things about traveling is the time that I miss with my children and Christina. Thank God for technology and the ability to connect with my children via e-mail and webcam. But often times in my longer travels, I miss playing sports with them and yes, even tea party with KiKi. I […]

Dallas Conference Update 2

I came back from the conference last night. As I was in the plane and even as I was recounting my experience with Christina, I was reminded of how big God’s Kingdom is. It was great meeting other people who were doing their best to stay faithful in their calling to be pastors. As we […]

Dallas Conference Update 1

Today was a full day. We started at 8:30AM with breakfast and then went non-stop until 5PM. We met up together in various group settings. Some of the sessions were together as a whole group, while other sessions were held together in smaller groups of three. It was an intensified time of picking some of […]

Mustache for Ministry

Pastor Dave Lee from Harvest Community Church in Chicago is growing a mustache! When I first saw him at the airport, I was like… “what the?” I was thinking that maybe he was trying to sport a new style or something (maybe the 70’s were coming back). But he told me that it was a […]

Heading Out to Dallas Again

I am at the airport now getting ready to head out to Dallas. The Leadership Network is sponsoring an Asian-American Leadership Learning Community. It is going to be great meeting up with other Asian-American pastors around who are leading multi-ethnic church around the United States. I’m looking forward to networking with people, sharing ideas and […]

Reviewing Our Yearly Goals

Christina and I had a great time hanging out together for our anniversary yesterday. We had a awesome dinner at Pacific Rim by Kana in downtown Ann Arbor. We were pleasantly surprised at the elegance and the quality of the food. We also spent some time reviewing our yearly goals. One thing good about having […]

12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary. Wow… twelve years of marriage to the woman I love! There are times when Christina and I feel like we have been married for only a few years and there are other times when it seems like forever. But either way, I am constantly reminded of how God brought us […]

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