Dallas Conference Update 2

I came back from the conference last night. As I was in the plane and even as I was recounting my experience with Christina, I was reminded of how big God’s Kingdom is. It was great meeting other people who were doing their best to stay faithful in their calling to be pastors.

As we spent time with some of the seasoned veterans in the ministry, I was humbled by their humility and their vulnerability. They shared from their hearts; and they just had hearts of a servant. It was great hearing from their life lessons in ministry and even took the time to share some of their battle scars from years of ministry.

It was also good reconnecting with some old friendships and catching up on things. God also opened up new relationships with people who are building God’s Kingdom.

After these kinds of conferences, I am constantly reminded about the importance of relationships in the ministry, as well as the importance of seeing the world through God’s eyes.

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