Brickworld Exhibit

We are spending a few days in Chicago before we head back to Ann Arbor. We found out about an exhibit that Brickworld was sponsoring. I believe it is one of the largest Lego exhibition in the States. Therefore, on Saturday we decided to check it out.

They had some incredible Lego creations. They were literally awe-inspiring. You can see all the intricacies and details that go into making a design. The kids loved it.
Kids and Lego Man.JPG
The kids and the Lego man
Lego Village.JPG
An incredible Lego City that was built
Lego Future City.JPG
This was a future city concept that was pretty awe-inspiring
Lego Starry Night.JPG
They even had Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” done with Lego pieces
Lego John Hancock.JPG
We took a picture in front of the Lego John Hancock because this is where I proposed to her
Lego Flag and KiKi.JPG
When KiKi sees the American Flag (even a Lego flag), she always has to say the pledge
Lego Starbucks.JPG
When I saw this, I couldn’t resist taking a picture

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