Renovation Sermon Series

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The topic of change and transformation has been coming up a lot in my meetings with people. I have also been personally reflecting a lot on this topic as well. I think all of us in our honest moments would confess that we are not where we want to be. There are areas of our lives where we need more transformation.

We need a real renovation of our mind, heart, and will.

This is why I am excited about starting this new 3-part sermon series, “Renovation.” The other pastors and I will be addressing about how our mind, heart and will need some major renovating if we are serious about transformation.

This series will correlate with what we have been covering for the last month and half on Sundays about “Taking Up the Challenge” and “The Call to Leadership”.

There are so many things coming up for us on the horizon for us as a church that we want to make sure that we are doing the hard work of getting prepared. Join us for this new series either live or on the internet.

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