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As soon as we arrived to Ann Arbor, my family and I realized that there was a lot of road construction going on in this city. When the boys and I went out on an errand, one of them asked about the increase in construction on the streets.

This was one of those great teaching moments that I did not want to miss.

I started out with a series of questions:

1) Do you guys like bumpy roads?
2) Do cars get damaged if they drive on bad roads?
3) Is it easy to go through construction?

We concluded that bumpy roads stink and are bad for cars. We also concluded that it is frustrating to go through construction because everything gets delayed. But the ultimate conclusion was that construction, while it is frustrating for the moment, has a lot of great benefits at the end.

I really didn’t have to make the connection about the road construction and the change that God puts us through in life. They made the connection pretty quickly as we had to wait for the traffic to move.

As I mentioned in my sermon two weeks ago, “pain always precedes change.” Without some pain, discomfort, stretching, and frustration, we will not experience the change that God wants to bring into our lives.

So next time when there is construction in your city, remember that the construction in our lives will pay off. You will definitely notice the difference and so will other people!

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