The Night Life Pioneers

        We are finishing off a two-year theme called, “Church Beyond the Walls.” For some reason, when the staff and I first talked about the theme (2 years ago) we had no idea how everything was going to turn out. All we knew was that we, as a church, needed to be […]

Signs of Stagnation

In 1980’s Erwin M. Soukup compiled a list in which he calls “The Seven Steps to Stagnation.” By now, some of these statements are very familiar in the corporate world, as well as in many organizations that are trying to bring change. The 7 steps are:      1) We’ve never done it that way before.      2) […]

The Arts and Evangelism

There is a buzz going around. Amongst some the culture-tracking Christians, there is talk that the next Billy Graham might be an artist. In terms of the platform and the message that can be communicated effectively to our generation, I am truly a believer of this. Also, just seeing some of the younger talents and […]

The Ripple in the Hand

        I saw this picture on “HMCC Photographers” Facebook group. It really inspired me so I asked if I can get a copy of it. Then I found out that the photographer was the accomplished Jerry Uelsmann. I looked through some of his works on his website. Some of his stuff was […]

Reclaiming the Arts and Media

I don’t know if you have been keeping up with some of the new T.V. shows that will be appearing soon. It was very interesting to me that two of the new shows deal with the arts and media. One of the shows is called, “On the Lot.” The contestants on this show will have […]

God is Preparing the Harvest

There are times when a person just senses something. Some might call it intuition or “in the flow” and some in other camps call it prophetic, but regardless, it is exciting when you are tapping into the heart of God. For some reason as we were coming to a close of this school year, some […]

TEAM Community Summit 2007

Today, the leaders and I will be going away to begin our Leadership Summit. I have been a firm believer that everything rises and falls with leadership. We have been so blessed in the past years to have committed and sacrificial leaders who were willing to give everything and anything to build up God’s Kingdom. […]

The CHARGE Acronym

As many of you know, I have been trying to develop the whole Kingdom of God theology and how it ties in with the concept of transformation. This has been my passion ever since I became a Christian. How are we, as Christians suppose to live out the command found in Mt 5:13-16 to be […]

2007 Board of Directors Summit

Tonight, the Board of Directors and I will be heading out to Chicago to meet up with the Executive Team of the Chicago church. We are going to spend some time praying, planning and preparing for the 2007-2008 year. I have always been a firm believer that planning helps a group reach some of its […]

Graduation 2007

It is about that time of the year again. We will be graduating another class of students tonight. It is always a privilege to see many of them enter into the University of Michigan as freshmen and have the opportunity to influence them for the Gospel sake. It has always been our vision to transform […]

Rain Capital Update

It has been a privilege currently serving on the board of Rain Capital. Personally speaking, I feel a bit under-qualified as all of the other board members have business degrees of one form or another. I think this is God’s way of letting me live vicariously a life that I might have gone into if […]

Refocusing on Undergraduates

I just came back from tonight’s ACCESS (gathering for our undergraduate students). Since we switched the single adults’ small group to Friday nights, we have been getting more of a younger and vibrant feel on Fridays and it has been exciting. We are recasting the vision for reaching out to the campus – students reaching […]

Meeting the Mayor

This morning, I had the privilege of meeting up with the mayor of Ann Arbor. I went with Pastor Kirk Schneemann from Frontline Church and one of his church members, Jim Zahner who set up the meeting for us. I found out that he was a friend of the Mayor Hieftje since high school. We […]

HMCC’s Mighty Men

I am reminded of King David’s mighty men in the Bible. In 2 Samuel 23, we get a glimpse of these men – they were warriors. In our culture today, we have feminized men in such a way that we are not living up to our destiny. There are times when we are afraid to […]

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