A Pledge to Transformation

Yesterday we gathered for our Transformation Vision Sunday. I really sense the Holy Spirit working in the room. We worshipped… we recognized the new members… we saw the video… we heard the challenge… we took communion… we gave our pledges… we prayed… we celebrated. It is amazing to see that God called a rag-tag group […]

Lord of the Harvest

We are almost coming to the close of the 168 hours of non-stop prayer (Started last Saturday and ending this Saturday). It is so encouraging to lead a church that is committed to seeing great things happen through prayer. I am confident that God will use this Transformation Vision Sunday to speak to His people. […]

14-Days of Vision

This past Saturday, Jan 28th we started a prayer initiative called, “14 Days of Vision: Revisiting God’s Purposes and Plans.” We implemented this initiative because we wanted to be prepared and focused for the Transformation Vision Sunday coming up in Feb 12th. We are now four days into this prayer initiative. It is hard to […]

Pastor, why do you have your own website?!

Happy New Year! I pray that this year will be filled with an abundance of God’s grace and mercy. As I start off the new year, I want to introduce you to the purpose of this website. It was July of 1996. Christina and I left all the comforts and security of family and friends […]

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