14-Days of Vision

This past Saturday, Jan 28th we started a prayer initiative called, “14 Days of Vision: Revisiting God’s Purposes and Plans.” We implemented this initiative because we wanted to be prepared and focused for the Transformation Vision Sunday coming up in Feb 12th. We are now four days into this prayer initiative.

It is hard to believe that we first started the Transformation Vision campaign about 2 years ago. As I reflect back on the 2 years, I realized that so much as happened since then. We have seen more people experience life transformation… we have launched new ministries and outreaches… we have expanded our missions program… and the list goes on.

As we enter into this new stage of our church, I am encouraged to know that our vision from the start of our church in 1996 of “transforming lost people into Christ’s disciples who will then transform the world” has not changed. I will be re-casting this vision and inviting our church to commit to making the vision a reality.

In our time of focused prayer, I have faith that people will see God’s purposes in the world and then it will translate into a specific plan – not ours but God’s plan and God’s agenda.

p.s. Don’t forget to pray through the 2 key passages for this season of prayer:
Jn 4:35 and Mt 9:37-38

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