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As I was getting ready to board my flight to Los Angles today, I noticed that there was someone famous waiting to board along with the rest of us “ordinary” people. I should have at least expected it because after all it was a flight to sunny LA where the “stars” shine.

I did a quick inventory and figured that this person was famous because:

1) This person and his entourage got preferential treatment from the NWA flight attendants – can you believe it, the flight attendants smiled and were friendly towards them?
2) Before they called the physically challenged and people needing assistance to board, they were the first ones to enter the plane – truly a red carpet treatment.
3) Few star-dazed girls started to take pictures with him on their phone cameras.
4) The bling on these guys were so bright that I wanted to pull out my sunglasses (yes I am exaggerating but not by a lot).

In the midst of observing all this, I started to ask myself a question – “What makes a person famous and are you famous if people do not know who you are?” Then I realized that all of us are famous to at least a handful of people. For me, I am famous to 4 people who would rather have me home than travel so much. I am guessing a person is famous when there are people who put value on who they are. So even though I did not get a smile from the flight attendants as I boarded. Even though there were no star-dazed girls taking my pictures and no bling shining forth, I couldn’t help but to think about people in my life who love me and care for me.

Oh by the way… even as I am writing this entry, I still have no clue who this guy was and what made him so famous.

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