The Best Day Ever

This week was the boys’ Winter Breaks, therefore Christina and I decided that it would be good for me to spend time with the boys. We spent a whole day together. It was packed with kids’ size activities – Chuck E. Cheese, lunch, glow in the dark miniature golfing, Curious George movie, dinner and spending […]

Men’s Breakfast

I just came back from a men’s breakfast meeting. The gathering was for the adult and young adult men in our church. We had a hearty man-size meal comprised of: eggs, sausages, bacon, French toast, waffles, cereals, fruits, juices and coffee! What was the agenda? Simply: to impart spiritual truths to the men in HMCC […]

Invisible Children

I am amazed at how much we have become a global village. The development of technology is allowing us to connect with people from different parts of the world instantaneously. We are no longer an island unto ourselves. So if something happens in another part of the world, even though we are thousands of miles […]

Represented vs. Reality

In our politically correct world, Islam is known as a peaceful religion – this is how it is represented by the media, by the Administration, and by the adherents. But I am wondering if this is the reality. In Peshawar, Pakistan, an imam by the name of Mohammed Yousaf Qureshi announced that the Mohabat Khan […]

Get Involved

I remember someone once saying that “a team effort is always better than an individual effort in accomplishing great things.” As I am doing ministry, I am noticing how true that statement is in my life. It is easy (and even natural) to try to do everything by myself but the reality is that without […]

Chocolates and Roses

Ahh yes! Out of all the 365 days in a year, today the retail store will cash in on the concept of love. The chocolate and flower industries will be making millions of dollars. Chocolates and flowers are supposed to be a token or expression of our love for someone. I am wondering if there […]

A Pledge to Transformation

Yesterday we gathered for our Transformation Vision Sunday. I really sense the Holy Spirit working in the room. We worshipped… we recognized the new members… we saw the video… we heard the challenge… we took communion… we gave our pledges… we prayed… we celebrated. It is amazing to see that God called a rag-tag group […]

Lord of the Harvest

We are almost coming to the close of the 168 hours of non-stop prayer (Started last Saturday and ending this Saturday). It is so encouraging to lead a church that is committed to seeing great things happen through prayer. I am confident that God will use this Transformation Vision Sunday to speak to His people. […]

The Seeds of Sacrifice

I just came back from Los Angeles. The leadership team of AMI met together to discuss and plan things for the future. We also had the privilege of meeting up with four couples who are well seasoned missionaries in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russia. They were being interviewed to help give insights and lessons-learned for future […]

Famous Superstar

As I was getting ready to board my flight to Los Angles today, I noticed that there was someone famous waiting to board along with the rest of us “ordinary” people. I should have at least expected it because after all it was a flight to sunny LA where the “stars” shine. I did a […]

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