Invisible Children

I am amazed at how much we have become a global village. The development of technology is allowing us to connect with people from different parts of the world instantaneously. We are no longer an island unto ourselves. So if something happens in another part of the world, even though we are thousands of miles away, we can be abreast of what is happening minute by minute – incredible!

This is truly a privilege that our previous generations did not have before them. I have been repeatedly saying, “Along with privileges come responsibility.” With the privilege of being connected to the world, we as Christians have a responsibility to respond with our God-centered values.

Someone forwarded a link to me that documents children being kidnapped in Northern Uganda and forced to fight as soldiers at a young age. This is something that I have heard about, but seeing the trailer of this movie spoke to me in a new way. The documentary film will be coming to University of Michigan in two showings in March 7th and March 8th.

Check out the trailer here! (this website is currently unavailable)

Remember, when God places something in our path we cannot close our eyes and just pretend that it is not happening. The first step of responsibility is prayer and then action.

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