Politics is a Deadly Calling

Last week there were reports on the news that a parliament member who belonged to the Christian party was killed by a car bomb in Beirut, Lebanon.

There was steady progress towards reform in the country especially as the Syrian influence started to lose some control in the area. But 6 days before the Parliament was to elect a new president, another assassination occurred. Now this is the 8th assassination within a 2 year period.

It is interesting that if you belong to the anti-Syrian party, then that politician ends up dying. Syria denies any involvement. It is just like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying that there is no involvement with the situation in Iraq.

In Lebanon there is a strong presence of Hezbollah. It has been suggested that the majority in parliament has been dwindling (due to the assassinations) so that pro-Syrian politicians can have the majority and control the power in Lebanon.

In light of all these events, I was thinking to myself – “Who in the world would want to run for election knowing that if you are not with the pro-Syrian/Hezbollah side that there might be the possibility of assassination?”

This is when motives and vision come forth. If the motivation for running is for power or notoriety, I think there are other avenues (at least safer ones). If it is for change and a vision for a better country, then I could see how some people would be willing to lay down their lives for it.

This is sometimes the difference between a “calling” and just a “burden.”

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