Meeting with the Mayor

Tomorrow a handful of the pastors in the Washtenaw County and I will be heading over to City Hall. We were able to get an appointment in Mayor John Hieftje’s schedule. Our goal is to simply go to his office and ask him if there is anything that the Christian community can do to be a blessing to the city of Ann Arbor.

For many years the members of PACT (the spiritual leaders of Washtenaw County) have been trying to figure out how we can be the salt and light in this community. It never occurred to us that instead of trying to “figure” out what the city needs, we should just go directly to the source and ask the mayor.

It is our prayer that God will strategically use this meeting to build better bridges to our community.

As I have been sharing in the last year or so, I really believe that the Church of Jesus needs to engage in the arena of government and politics. I am not advocating a coup d’état or an overturning of the “church and state” laws, but rather allow the Christian voice to be heard. We need people to stand up for justice and also people who will pass laws that reflect the justice of God. I can’t think of a better example than William Wilberforce and what he did for the abolition of the slave trade.

It will be exciting to see a day where many Christ followers, who love God will fill the Senate, House of Representatives and city councils to make a difference for Christ.

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