Daylight Saving Time (DST)

As many of you know, this early Sunday morning at 2AM, we are going to observe the Daylight Saving Time. This will be probably one of the earliest times in history to observe DST. So my mind began to think – what are the motivations for changing the DST? It just left me clueless until […]

Recapturing the Heart of Prayer

I remember the countless number of hours that were clocked in the early stages of our church here in Ann Arbor. We just knew that without God we would not be able to accomplish anything – that was 10+ years ago. There is something about “success” or being “more established” that causes us to pray […]

Meeting with the Mayor

Tomorrow a handful of the pastors in the Washtenaw County and I will be heading over to City Hall. We were able to get an appointment in Mayor John Hieftje’s schedule. Our goal is to simply go to his office and ask him if there is anything that the Christian community can do to be […]

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