The Power of Words

I always get mixed reactions when it comes to creating new words. When we first came up with the word, Transformasphere, people were not that enthusiastic (maybe rightly so).

But for me, I am all for it as long as it serves the purposes of trying to: 1) Communicate a vision or movement; 2) Help people stay focused on mission. This is why I love what Pastor Dino Rizzo did with the word, Servolution. Every time we have visited his church, Healing Place Church you can feel the heart of service and servanthood. They are totally creating a serving revolution (hence, servolution).

I share all this because there is power in words. It creates a vision and even puts traction to things that can transform the world. This past Sunday, I shared about Raphael Lemkin and his creation of the word, “genocide.” When Hitler and the Nazi’s were exterminating people, there wasn’t a word for what they were doing, therefore it was hard to present the case to various people and nations about the evil that was occurring throughout the world.

Now, when we hear of the word, “genocide” it creates outrage in us. But the outrage must be translated into action.

You can read up on CNN’s article reflecting on Lemkin’s work here.

But this video gives a quick summary… check it out here.

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