Funeral Procession

Today, as I was studying at Panera Bread I glanced out the window and notice a funeral procession. I don’t know how many cars were part of the procession but I counted at least 30 cars.

This got me thinking.

I have always told our church members that you know how a person lived their life, not necessarily at joyous occasions like a wedding or a birthday party, but at their funeral. I realized that more people are willing to sacrifice and make the trip out to a person’s funeral than a wedding.


It is because when we lose someone that has made that much of an impact in our lives, we want to honor them and show our respect to them and their family.

Sometimes when I think about my funeral and the end of my time here on this earth (not in a sadistic way but in a practical and realistic way), I wonder what my funeral will say. It is my prayer that I will not get so consumed with doing task-related things that I forget about relationships, especially the ones that matter the most to me now.

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