A New Generation of Men

               Just recently, Dr. Steve Lee in Kenya, Africa forwarded an article about Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEALS who died in combat in Afghanistan. Yesterday, President Bush awarded him the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award, which was received by his father and mother. What caught my […]

The Youngest Governor

        This past week history was made. Bobby Jindal, son of Indian immigrants became the youngest governor in United States history. You can read up on the story here. Couple of things about this newsworthy event struck me: 1) He is a minority. This is huge because he became the governor NOT […]

Men Discipling Men

This past Sunday I had some of the men that I am spending time with come over to my place for a bbq. After eating our “manly” hamburgers, I had them go around and share how their ministry to other men in the church was coming along. Too often we are focused on programs and […]

Revitalizing the City

I read an interesting article today in the Michigan Daily, which is the student newspaper for the University of Michigan. There is talk about setting up a program through the university where students can go to Detroit to take classes. The aim is to start getting some of the students to think of ways to […]

The Start of a Movement

It is amazing to study some of the great movements throughout history. There are several common components in these movements. First of all, there is a revelation of a clear vision from God. Whether it is a vision for revival or missions, God puts a vision in the hearts of His people. Secondly, there is […]

Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

I just came back from meeting with some of the men in our church. Several weeks ago, I sent out an invitation to all the men in our leadership team (TEAM Community) about being part of a group who will get discipled and trained to be future pastors and ministry leaders. It was encouraging to […]

A New Velocity

As this new school year started, we have added a junior school ministry to our church. It is hard to believe that what started off just as a college focused church has now expanded to various other ministries. This is truly a testimony to God’s grace and faithfulness. Within the month of August we were […]

Alumni Network

After I got back from my whirlwind summer tour, I was convinced that what we are trying to do here in Ann Arbor is really worth it. God reignited my heart for investing in the alumni who are now making ripples throughout the world. One morning, I was in Singapore’s airport having an early breakfast […]

The “Arts & Media” of Transformasphere

It is very interesting to discover that a lot of the R&B singers today (and of the past) were once involved in their church choir. When we look even further into history, we will notice that some of the greatest music came from the Church. Some notable composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederic […]

The Word “Transformasphere”

I love it when words are created. It expresses a function of something and then it is put into a form. I enjoy seeing this process take shape. For example the word, “blog” came about from people journaling on the web. As they kept a log of their thoughts, it was put in a chronological […]

Reaching More Campuses

After doing campus ministry for some time now, I am slowly beginning to see how college campuses and missions are linked together. Throughout the world, key universities are playing a major role in developing communities and even cities. Even here in Ann Arbor, a lot of what goes on in the community and the city […]

Making Room for Growth

It is hard to believe that over ten years ago, we started the church in Ann Arbor with mostly college students. Now, we are seeing growth in various areas especially in the married couples and families who have joined our church community. We are excited about starting up another small group for the married couples […]

Changes in Chicago

We, as humans, always resist change for some reason. Maybe the reason behind it is our desire for security or maybe it is our fear of losing something. Whatever the case may be, change is a vital part to growth – period. God has been truly faithful to the church plant on the Northwestern University […]

2007 AMI Revolution – The Call

        There is just one day left before the start of the AMI Revolution conference. This year’s theme will be “The Call.” I am looking forward to sharing on the 2nd night. I will be talking about “The Transformative Call.” The Revolution Conference started back in 2005 as part of the intensive […]

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