Transforming Lives… Transforming the World

        This Sunday will be our inaugural celebration in our new Transformation Center. We are praying and working hard to get everything ready for the big day. As we come to this historical moment, I am going to share on our mission at HMCC. Our mission of “transforming lives into Christ’s disciples […]

Small Groups to LIFE Groups

We have gone through an incredible evolution with our small group ministry over the last 12+ years. When we first started our church back in 1996, we talked a lot about having a small group ministry and the importance of it. We eventually forge out a strategy to call our small groups simply our “cell […]

Church Pirates

When I came across this video, it was refreshing to hear a well respected church leader share his thoughts so frankly. I think in the church we have also become so PC (politically correct) that we are afraid of offending anybody. But the reality is that truth sometimes is hard to hear and even harder […]

Dreaming Big

I was just reminded today of the importance of dreams and how sometimes it is not always well received in the beginning. A part of the reason is that dreams are sometimes impractical and even risky. But we always need the “dreamers” in the Church because they help us to do things that we might […]

Signing the URC Contract

Today, a handful of us from HMCC of Ann Arbor’s Board of Directors and the University Reformed Church’s Board got together to sign the contract for the purchase of their properties. It was a monumental moment in our church’s history and theirs as well. Not only did we step out in faith to raise the […]

Goodbye to the Austin Team

Today was the last Sunday at HMCC of Ann Arbor for the Austin team. Most of the UT church plant members took off for Texas right after Sunday Celebration. After they shared about one thing that they were looking forward to in Austin, we prayed for them. It was a bit sad saying bye to […]

Business and the Church

It is exciting to be in the discussion of how business and church (viewed mostly as trying to mix oil and water) can co-exist to benefit various communities. This is something we at HMCC have believed in for some years now. I have told many people that if there is a business principle that works […]

2008 Board Summit

The Board members and I are heading off to hold our annual summit today. We would greatly appreciate your prayers. For some reason, we are sensing a greater urgency at this summit than the ones in the past. I am encouraged the members to fast today in order to help prepare and focus in on […]

A Reflection on the 40-Days

As my family and I are getting ready for the Miracle Sunday Offering and the Pledge service tomorrow, I couldn’t help but to feel this sense of gratitude in my heart. It is amazing that our whole church went through 40 days of reading the Bible together, as well as spending time in prayer for […]

School of Worship

        Over the years, we have been criticized for various things as a church. Some people have come and criticized us for our worship style – we don’t sing enough hymns, it is too loud, it is too spontaneous, song selection, and the list goes on and on. But the funny part […]

The Arts Breaking Through

        With New York Philharmonic going to Pyongyang, North Korea recently, it made me think once again about the importance of the Arts and Media in the whole Transformasphere Movement. I am a believer that music and the arts are universal languages. Whenever I travel, I am constantly struck with how music […]

Global ACCESS Retreat Update

Last night, we had our opening worship session for our first-ever Global ACCESS retreat. It was a great joy to see so many people there at the retreat. I realized that we have a good percentage of international students in our church. This retreat has really been a dream in the making. We have always […]

Global ACCESS Retreat

        We are having our first international student’s retreat in our church over this coming weekend. Global ACCESS, our international ministry in our church started with a handful of people but now it has grown into a viable and expanding ministry reaching out to many nations here on the University of Michigan […]

B-School Students

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with some of the business school students. Whenever I get to hang guys in the b-school it is a great joy for me. The incredible potential to make a difference in the world through these students is huge. Many of them are thinking beyond the typical goal of […]

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