Signing the URC Contract

Today, a handful of us from HMCC of Ann Arbor’s Board of Directors and the University Reformed Church’s Board got together to sign the contract for the purchase of their properties. It was a monumental moment in our church’s history and theirs as well.

Not only did we step out in faith to raise the funds and purchase this property, but they stepped out in faith to trust that God will provide a place for them. As we both moved forward in obedience to God, we are confident that God will provide for both churches.

Before the actual signing of the contract, we had some people from URC share some of their thoughts and feeling about their move. We were all humbled to realized that there were some charter members in the room. They were there since the church was built.

Then we had some of our Board of Directors share some of our thoughts about the new chapter in our church’s life. I think there was a general consensus that we were truly grateful to URC for all the years of partnership by allowing us to use their facilities.

I was most encouraged by their desire to see the Gospel continue to spread throughout the campus of the University of Michigan and that they entrusted us with their property to be used for that end.

Last Sunday, I was just humbled to realize that at this facility it was the “first” for a lot of things in our church. It was where we had our first revival meeting… it was where we had some of our first TEAM Community meetings… it was where we had some of our first morning prayer gatherings. Now God has graciously given us this place so that it will become a missions command center to further the work of transformation throughout the world.

What an awesome privilege! Part of our transformational vision is finally becoming a reality.
Getting Ready to Sign.jpg
We are getting ready to sign the contract
Actual Signing.jpg
The official signing of the contract from both sides
Contract Signing Meal.jpg
We were able to enjoy a meal together after the signing

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