Jakarta Information Meeting

I am excited about this day. Not only is Pastor Paul Liu going to be speaking in both our Sunday Celebrations, but we will be having our Jakarta Church Plant information meeting. While I was out in Indonesia, I was able to meet some key people who will be able to open the door for us to start the church. Now we are hoping and praying that things will work out, but you never know in Indonesia.

Even though, I do not know all the people that will be applying for this church plant in Jakarta, but one thing I know is that God will form the team with all the right people that will need to be on the team.

As I have been praying about Indonesia in the last couple of days, I was reminded of this picture.
Mosque in City.jpg
It just jumped out at me because Islam is such a stronghold in Indonesia but then there are changes that are going on with globalization. This is the time for the Church to arise. As our church has been praying, we believe that this is the kairos moment and time in history for God’s people to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. What an awesome time to be alive in history!

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