Raising the Next Generation of Leaders

I just came back from meeting with some of the men in our church. Several weeks ago, I sent out an invitation to all the men in our leadership team (TEAM Community) about being part of a group who will get discipled and trained to be future pastors and ministry leaders. It was encouraging to see the men who responded and who make up this group.

In our time together, we went around and share about our where we are in our calling and what we are expecting from our time together. Then, I had the current pastors share how they received their calling and their journey in doing ministry.

God is truly faithful. As we are getting ready to send out some of their pastors to plant more churches in the coming years, God is raising up the next generation of pastors and missionaries. This is what I am passionate about… this is what I am called to do. I am thankful for the privilege of investing in the next generation.

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