TEAM Community Summit 2007

Today, the leaders and I will be going away to begin our Leadership Summit. I have been a firm believer that everything rises and falls with leadership. We have been so blessed in the past years to have committed and sacrificial leaders who were willing to give everything and anything to build up God’s Kingdom.

But this year is a rebuilding year. I can’t help but to think about a championship sports team that drafts new players and does some free agent trades. For us, close to half of the leadership will change this year – which is a good thing… because like in any winning team, it is easy to get comfortable and just have aging people on the roster.

If we are going to win more championships, then we need to start drafting some of the young talents and rookies and then invest in them.

With any rebuilding year, it will take some time to get to the next level… just look at the Chicago Bulls. This might be the year that they will go pretty far since the glory days of Michael Jordan.

I am excited because we have the right ingredients this year to build a championship team for years to come.

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