Reflections on a Whirlwind Day

Morning – Our first all day training conference for our TEAM Community (leadership community for our small group leaders and ministry team leaders). It was great having the leaders of HMCC of Chicago join us for the conference. It was also a blessing to see non-pastors teaching some of the classes to equip the people to be better leaders… we are trying to live out the Eph 4:11-12 passage of raising up future APEPT gifted people (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral, and teaching).

Early afternoon – We went to see Josiah’s soccer team play. They are 0-2 after today’s loss. It is hard to see the kids emotionally and even psychologically discouraged. But since their team got moved up to a higher division, they are now on the lower half of the division. But I always believe in this principle about sports – if you play with people who are better than you, then you will elevate your game. Hopefully, they can win soon.

Mid-afternoon – Michigan won against Notre Dame. It is great watching the game on TV with the kids. Did Mike Hart’s statement of “I guarantee we will win next week” help motivate his teammates? There is something about true leaders who are able to take risk and envision something for people that they cannot do for themselves. If you saw the way he played, he walked the talk – a mark of a great leader.

Early evening – I went to the Global Access (our international ministry) picnic. It was awesome to see so many different nations represented. This year we are going to start another small group. God is truly bringing the nations to us. I shared the vision about being connected together to further spread the Gospel to the various nations that were represented at the picnic.

Evening – Before the leaders of HMCC of Chicago were planning on driving back, I spent some time sharing my heart with them. Then we spent some time in prayer for the things that God was going to do this year. I also had the opportunity to lay my hands on the leaders and pray for them. Yes, we did the Love Train – ha! It is a HMCC thing.

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