Meeting the Mayor

This morning, I had the privilege of meeting up with the mayor of Ann Arbor. I went with Pastor Kirk Schneemann from Frontline Church and one of his church members, Jim Zahner who set up the meeting for us. I found out that he was a friend of the Mayor Hieftje since high school.

We simply went in as servants representing PACT and wanting to find out how we can be a blessing to the community of Ann Arbor. The mayor ended up sharing a lot of different avenues in which we can get involved to help the city. We are hoping that in the future that all the various churches can get involved in being the salt and light to the city that God loves very much.

Afterwards, Pastor Kirk and I went out for lunch to catch up in each other’s lives. We shared about everything from family, ministry to future dreams. It is always encouraging to connect with people who are apostolic (entrepreneur in nature) and are thinking about the future.

The ripples are always bigger when we all jump in at the same time.
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We were in City Hall at the Mayor’s office – me, Jim, Mayor Hieftje, and Kirk
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