An All-Niter for HMCC

Instead of our normal Friday night ACCESS meeting, we had our all-night prayer gathering. It was encouraging to many people who were willing to sacrifice a night sleep to seek God and pray. We were able to pray for various topics but the most significant part was when we prayed in our small groups.

As I looked out, my spirit was uplifted as I saw all of us really “doing” church. People were getting prayed for one by one, as we were ministering to one another.

After a few hours of sleep I met up with a handful of men in the leadership. We talked about the importance of hearing and discerning God’s voice. Then I met up with the rest of the TEAM Community (leadership team).

Even though many of us did not get much sleep, it is refreshing to know that every minute and hour was expended for God’s Kingdom. It is this kind of tiredness that I love!

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