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Open Door
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It is just amazing how God gives us opportunities to experience new things every single day. But one caveat to this is that when God does open the doors, then we need the discernment and the courage to obey or we will miss the opportunities.

This principle was reinforced to me the other day when I felt this prompting from the Spirit to SMS someone. He was someone that I met once before (this past May), but ever since I have arrived in Indonesia, we have not reconnected. Nevertheless, he works at the university that we have been praying for and reaching out to in the last couple of months; therefore through the prompting of the Holy Spirit I decided to contact him for some coffee.

After texting about a possible get together, he called and asked me to come to his office right away because he had something important to talk to me about.

When I arrived, we started up a conversation, but it was not the conversation that I was expecting. He asked me if I wanted to teach an OT/NT Survey class at the university. The best part about this is that about two weeks ago, Christina gave me a prophetic word. She said, “I really feel like God is going to open up a door for you to teach at the university.” I did not take it seriously, but little did I know that God was orchestrating something incredible.

I had my first class lecture today with about 50+ freshmen. The interesting part is that they are all business and law students. Those were the two majors that I have entertained majoring in when I was younger. It is going to be a great joy to invest in the future of Indonesia as these students will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, I used an illustration about Korean dramas and I think they got the point that I was trying to make… hopefully. Praise God for Korean dramas!

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