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It has been a privilege currently serving on the board of Rain Capital. Personally speaking, I feel a bit under-qualified as all of the other board members have business degrees of one form or another. I think this is God’s way of letting me live vicariously a life that I might have gone into if I was not called to be a pastor.

It is exciting to see people who are able to integrate business (the marketplace) and their faith in order to fulfill the Great Commission. I believe this is going to be the next wave of the future when it comes to missions. We are going to see more lay Kingdom workers who will be equipped in this global economy to enter into uncharted territories to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This past weekend we had our quarterly board meeting. I am proud of these guys who took a step of faith and envisioned something great for God’s Kingdom. They are truly paving the way for future business people to use their gifts and talents to build up God’s Kingdom.

But with starting anything from scratch, it requires focus, fortitude and flexibility. I believe these guys have it and as they press on, God will bring forth the fruits.
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Ed Chao: Works for General Electric and MBA from Ross
Moses Lee: Works for William Davidson Institute and BBA from Ross

Eric Svaan: Operations Management Professor at Ross School of Business

David Parzen: Works for NSF and MBA from Ross

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