Nostalgic Memories

Since, Josiah’s coach tries to balance between coaching the Ann Arbor Arsenal Under 10 team and the Pioneer High School Varsity team, he had a conflict in schedule for this week. Last night, Josiah’s soccer coach invited the team to come and watch a soccer game between two local high schools. Our family wasn’t planning […]

Lost Contact Lens

After our drive back to LA from San Diego, I was exhausted. I ended up falling asleep in the car… I wasn’t a good driving buddy. In my desire to quickly get into bed, I took off my contact lenses in a hurry. As I was popping my contacts out of my eye, one of […]

Weeks of B-Days

Wow! The past 3 weeks have been a time of birthdays… well, in terms of church b-days at least. About 3 weeks ago, we celebrated the birth of HMCC of Chicago. Then 2 weeks ago we celebrated the 10th year b-day of HMCC of Ann Arbor. Then yesterday, in San Diego, we celebrated the birth […]

2006 H-Games

In this year’s H-Games, we had two non-undergraduate small groups finishing in the top three. Maybe the old adage is true – “with age comes wisdom.” All I know is that it wasn’t with our physique that we, the married couple’s group came in 3rd place. I think most of us were out of shape […]

Planes and Books

One thing good about long flights is that I am able to read. Reading really relaxes me but at the same time fires me up because of the various insights gleaned from the writings. For some reason, the current book that I am reading captured my attention. I just could not put it down. In […]

New Church in San Diego

I will be heading out to LA this weekend to speak at Church of Southland and also to be a part of the inaugural service for Kairos Christian Church. Pastor Mark Chun will be the lead pastor of this new and exciting church. I met him back in March at an AMI Conference out in […]

Volunteer’s Motto?

The meeting went well tonight. I was able to share my heart with the servants in our church. We spent some time in worship and in prayer. I felt as if God was pouring down His refreshment towards the people of God. I shared about the importance of intimacy, inspiration and being impassioned as we […]

Motivating Volunteers

We are going to have our ministry team meeting tonight. The first two months for our church during the beginning of the school year are always busy because we are on a college campus. Literally these ministry team members are running a 100 mph or as the illustration goes – “they are running like chickens […]

Car Lessons

Several months ago, I brought my car to the dealer to get an estimate on getting my car brakes fixed. Since we were tight on budget, I ended up going to a place that promised a discounted price and good service. Fast forward several months. I brought my car to the dealer to fix what […]

More Flash, More Cash?

There is a clothing store here in Ann Arbor that opened up about a year ago. It advertises clothing for the “cool” college student. I have seen this store at other campuses around the nation. They are trying to compete with Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, and the like. They appeal to the college student because […]


I recently read a Barna article about “Tweenies.” The Tweenies are kids from 8-12 years old. Yup, Josiah is now officially considered a tweenie. It was interesting to read some of the things that were discovered in their research. One principle or value that they reaffirmed is the importance of the role of the parents […]

Bringing Home the Baby

At our Chicago service, I shared an illustration that paralleled with giving birth to a child. When a child is born there is great celebration. Family and friends rejoice with the parents. We end up sending pictures and e-mails on this special occasion. But then when the parents bring the child home, the hard work […]

A Weekend to Remember

God is truly faithful! We had many alumni come back for our 10th year celebration. We started off the weekend with a Reunion Service on Friday. We even had a video greeting from some of the alumni from Singapore who could not make this out this weekend. I talked about the importance of partnership in […]

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