Car Lessons

Several months ago, I brought my car to the dealer to get an estimate on getting my car brakes fixed. Since we were tight on budget, I ended up going to a place that promised a discounted price and good service. Fast forward several months. I brought my car to the dealer to fix what the other place could not do (or shall I say did not do).

It was kind of humbling to have a conversation with the service department manager who pulled up my records. She noticed that I brought the car in several months ago but did not get my brakes fixed there. I did my best to explain what happened. But eventually, I ended up confessing my wayward ways – I settled for the cheaper service and now I am going to pay the price for it.

Due to all the complications on my brakes, I will now have to pay more to get it fixed. It is interesting how these things work – what I saved on the previous brake service is now costing me a lot more to get it done right. This is not an endorsement for always choosing the most expensive thing, but it is a reminder that sometimes you get what you pay for.

I couldn’t help but to think about our lives and how we always settle for the “lesser” thing and then at the end we find ourselves paying for it in a greater way. We choose the road of comfort and convenience – no wonder we are always left with the mess. Sometimes the price (sacrifices) that you pay will give you a greater return at the end.

With this unexpected expense to our monthly budget, we will have to find some creative ways to balance everything out.